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SeaSaltySkin is a 100% Portuguese brand of bikinis made from recycled lycra, created by a young girl whose mission is demystification of the “ideal body”, social responsibility and environmental footprint.

Our first collection is called “Acqua Dolce” contrary to the brand name. This is a capsule collection and is named after some Italian islands as a way of thanking a family member, who supported it from the first lines designed. Lines that emerged in a creative way and linked to Italian places, its cultural influence, all with a focus on detail..

The “Acqua Dolce” is a limited collection that features five bikinis and a swimsuit, each model was produced in two colors and made in small quantities. They are unique pieces and the available sizes also vary depending on the piece, designed thinking about the body that will wear it.

Our sizes start at 36/38 and go up to 42/44. We don’t use labels, your size is perfect.

Preparing for the next autumn/winter season, we have already designed yoga suits, a sports line that also is inspired by the young designer’s personal taste, who is behind this project.


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